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Sam Featherstone

Based in Wellington, New Zealand.

 ‘I photograph moments of ordinary experience in chance encounters. My work is a personal representation of what I see, what I feel and what prompts me to question ideals and choices. In this way it is autobiographical.’


The following photographs are a selection from a series called ‘dream alone’, a collection of black and white contemporary Wellington street photographs.

The series explores ideas of exile and solitude within an urban environment. Fleeting mundane moments represent a psychological escape from the city, and entry to a daydream or ‘no man’s land’. In this dream state - simultaneously within and beyond the city boundaries – objects become archetypal symbols. Aspects of light, shadow and reflection mirror an emotional landscape.


The title; ‘dream alone’ is deliberately ambiguous, inviting the viewer to explore their emotional reaction to the duality within the real and subconscious worlds.