SHUSTAK: A film by Stuart Page

February 23rd, 2009

SHUSTAK (2009) is Stuart Page’s debut feature documentary, about ’60s NYC photographer & pop philosopher Larence N. Shustak (1926-2003) who in 1973 suddenly up and left family & friends in the United States for Christchurch, New Zealand, where he set about blowing a few minds!

Screening dates and times:                          
Auckland: Rialto Newmarket:                                                                                                             
8.00pm Mon 2 March *Q&A,   12.30 pm Wed 4 March,  11.00 am Fri 6 March

Wellington: Regent on Manners                                                                                        

8.00pm Mon 16 March *Q&A, 12.30pm Wed 18 March, 11.00am Fri 20 March
Regent on Worcester:   
                                      8.00pm Mon 30 March *Q&A, 12.30 pm Wed 1 April, 11.00am Fri 3 April
Dunedin: The Octagon:         
                                                            8.00pm Mon 30 March,  12.30 pm Wed 1 April, 11.00am Fri 3 April

*Q&A sessions will feature director Stuart Page fielding  questions from the audience.

Brief history of SHUSTAK

Larence N. Shustak was born in The Bronx, NY, 13 Feb 1926, and lived and worked largely as a photographer in and around NYC and later taught photography for a short time in Carbondale, Illinois.

He moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1973, and established the Photography Dept at the School of Fine Arts, Univ. of Canterbury. He remained in Christchurch until retirement around 1990 when he moved into an old Samoan Church at South Brighton Beach.

Larence departed our company on 15 May 2003, and this site is the beginning of a web presence for a feature film called “SHUSTAK” by an ex student and friend of his, Stuart Page.

An exhibition of SHUSTAK and PAGE images & films called “SHUSTAK” was held in July/August 2008 at MIC gallery, K’ Rd, Auckland New Zealand.

Larry is survived by his wife Margo, two sons and two daughters from his three marriages. His first son Allan died in August 2005.



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