Dieneke Jansen and Jenny Gilliam are currently seeking support via Boosted crowd funding for a photographic series they are producing as part of  Waterfront Auckland’s Tidelines public art programme. Contributions to their Fixed for Good project  will go towards printing and display costs. To reciprocate support received, they are are offering a copy of their co-edited book  An Urban Quest for Chlorophyll (publisher Rim Books). See full details about their project and how you can support it here.

Fixed For Good - Dieneke Jansen & Jenny Gilliam

Te Tuhi Billboards –  Caryline Boreham
15 November 2014 – 15 February 2015

In an earlier body of work titled State Space, Boreham investigated interior spaces located within New Zealand institutions such as military bases, police stations and nuclear science facilities. Although these functional institutional spaces are depicted devoid of people, traces of their presence are revealed through the arrangement of barrier ropes, chairs, and acts of graffiti.

For the Te Tuhi billboards, Boreham expands upon State Space by introducing digital colour blocks into these utilitarian sites to conceal graffiti and marks that suggest human interaction. This act of concealing or censoring mirrors the authoritarian functionality inherent within these spaces.

Te Tuhi Gallery
13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland
Opening hours: Week Days 9.00am – 5.00pm, Weekends 10.00am – 4.00pm

MAF - Auckland Airport 2014 © Caryline Boreham

Caryline Boreham: MAF – Auckland Airport 2014

Caryline Boreham: Archives New Zealand 2014

Alan Knowles: Rest Area #6265

February 27th, 2014

Rest Area #6265 – New Zealand Festival installation
by Alan Knowles

You are invited to visit Rest Area #6265 and recover from festival fatigue or Wellington’s
Absolutely Positively parking wardens’ paradise. Its at the Nevay Road/Glenville Road
intersection on Miramar Peninsula.

This installation is about roads and streets being the arteries of life. It is dedicated to my neighbours in Miramar who have to use their cars to survive in Wellington and who daily experience the ignominy of humourless parking pariahs stalking their vehicles. You can spend as long as you like in my Rest Area with no fear of a ticket. And as for the inner-city light rail loonies and flyover deniers who would condemn us Easterners to life in a traffic tailback, well, you are welcome too. Come in the morning at 8 or in the evening about 5, you might learn something about the problems we face.

How to get here. If you bring your own car, parking is free! We love motorists in Miramar. Or if you are a dawdling, pedestrian, car-less, apartment-dweller then hop on a bus if you have all day to come and go. Do use the roads they are yours too (it would be nice if you paid for them). You can take bus No. 24 right to bus stop #6265; or take Nos 2 and 18 to the terminus in Darlington Road, then walk 200m north to the glass bus stop on bus route No. 31, North Miramar, and up the bush track behind. Bus No. 30 to Scorching Bay will drop you at Pretoria Road, just walk up to Glenville Road and rest.

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Rest Area #6265 – Five photographs on 440gsm vinyl
‘Rest Area’, Martinborough, SH 53, 850x600mm (2010/2014)
Totara Creek, Eglinton Valley, TeAnau-Milford Highway, SH94, 110x85mm (2011/2014)
Pond, Tekapo-Twizel Road, SH8, 110x85mm (2010/2014)
Kakahu Forest, Geraldine-Fairlie Highway, SH79, 110x85mm (2010/2014)
Lake Ianthe, Harihari Highway, SH6, 110x85mm (2011/2014)

Julian Ward photo

If you happen to be around Auckland Central, it’s worth making a slight excursion to the walkway beside the Wellesley St Post Office, to view the current light box exhibition ‘State-Space’ by Caryline Boreham.

Auckland Police Custody Unit – Hallway, 2010, image by Caryline Boreham.

Bledisloe Walkway Light Boxes: State-Space by Caryline Boreham
Until 5 Nov 2013

Caryline Boreham uses photography to review institutional spaces typically not accessible to the public, such as these interiors of Auckland’s police custody units. Usually sites of intense activity, Boreham captures these utilitarian spaces during rare moments of stillness, uncannily evoking traces of human presence.

A graduate of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts, Caryline Boreham is a member of Manukau Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Creative Arts.

Bledisloe Walkway Light Boxes is an exhibition series organised by Auckland Council for the walkway between Aotea Square and Wellesley Street.

Sourced: Public Art in Auckland

Further work by this artist can be found at:
Antoinette Godkin Gallery